Automated-Now Platform

All automation under one roof!

  • One place for all your automation requirements
  • Integration of all your systems & services in just one portal
  • Authenticate using multiple authentication mechanisms
  • Take advantage of informative logs & alerts
  • Role-based access control & approval workflows
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Generally speaking, a self-service portal is a place where employees can go to assist themselves with their requests without manual interaction of your IT staff. Good to know is that such a portal does not need to be limited to only servicing employee requests. Automated-now strives to integrate all your systems and services under one roof.

Imagine this! One place where both administrators & end-users can request, approve, administer, follow-up & monitor all your different services, and all this in a transparent & proactive way. Not 100% convinced yet? Do not hesitate to request a free demo of what a Self-Service portal can do for your organization!

Components of a self-service portal

A Self-Service portal can have a lot of different components, some are more business critical than others. If your organization maintains a lot of different services and systems, you do not want to administer them all separately. The goal is to bring the administration of systems and user self-sustainability under one roof.

Examples of self-service features:
Request group membership, Reset Account password(s), Request a storage area increase, Request an FTP account, Create a service ticket, Change employee details, Search for- & create GDPR & PII reports

Need additional customization?

We develop customized & pre-build automation services. Do not hesitate to contact us if your project requires additional customization. We are happy to work towards the best solution fit for your organization.