Automation As Service

Automate, with no upfront investment!

  • Pay-Per-Use solutions
  • Eliminate initial investment costs
  • The right skillset to manage & execute
  • Don't waste time by automating the wrong processes
  • We help your IT teams focus on the right tasks
  • We assist in automation where possible
  • Experience in both corporate and startup environments
  • Don't lose your customer interaction because of compromised resources
Work with us!

Start working towards your automation goals with no upfront investements. Automation is for everyone and should be cost and time saving!

Automation is an ever changing field. Even companies that are adopting the automation mindset often struggle to scale across their whole infrastructure. With that, too often, the results do not meet the expectations.

That is why we believe that every success story is more than just fancy technology. Automated-now will work with you towards your automation goals. Our expertise in both startup and corporate environments will help us to prioritize the right automation objectives, tackle its technical challenges and deploy in full scale.

Eliminate initial investment costs by using Pay-Per-Use solutions!

IT Automation can be expensive when you invest in the people with the right skillset. Often older or less-skilled employees, who are used to manual methods, might find it difficult to switch to an automated mindset without proper training. Automated-Now takes away your initial investment and delivers automation within your organization with Pay-Per-Use solutions.

Don't waste time by automating the wrong processes

Automation is exiting. Many IT teams take this exitement and start automating a workflow that is extremely complex or to wide of a scope. We can help your IT teams focus on the right tasks to build a strong foundation to further automate upon. The concepts that we are most familiar with include among others:

  • Automation workflow design
  • Business Process Automation (BPA)
  • IT infrastructure automation
  • Laptop/workstation/server deployment automation
  • Self-Service portal solutions

To conclude, it is important to tackle the right challenges. Automation can only be measured by its results. Whether that is reducing costs, saving time or improving accuracy. Automated-now will help your IT teams focus on the most beneficial tasks. Lets build together!