GDPR & PII Automation

Our platform offers you the following:

  • AI driven jobs to detect GDPR & PII data
  • Tool to collect different file types with just a few clicks
  • Methods to assign owners to different types of data
  • Methods to store PII data where it belongs
  • Custom rulesets to detect company unique data
  • Alerts to notify you in case of irregularities
  • Search for and report specific GDPR & PII Data
  • Scan through documents, images and videos
  • Easy way to attach any storage environment
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Many organizations have no idea what types of PII data they collect let alone where it is actually stored. It is safe to say that this is a problem for a lot of organizations. Nevertheless, it is important to have, and maintain, a good overview of your collected PII data. It is a common issue and not always so easy to solve.

Good news! Automated-Now provides tools that can scan any storage type and look for personal data covered by GDPR. Once discovered you can search, mark and create reports as you and your team see fit.

Step 1
Connect storage

Safely connect storage from multiple sources in just a few clicks and choose what to scan for.

Step 2
Start discovery

Scan an discover general and company specific PII related data within documents, images and videos.

Step 3
Manage, maintain & report

Manage and maintain your GDPR related data. Search for specific PII data, create reports and assign PII data owners.

Step 4
Log, follow-up & improve

Blacklist keywords, add file types, create rulesets & get notified whenever irregularities occur. Stay in charge of your GDPR related data.