Save time by
automating hotel operations.

Automate repetitive daily taks and let your staff focus on the customer experience.

Start automating with
Pay-Per-Use solutions

Step into the world of automation with our Pay-Per-Use integrations.

Workflow automation for
big and smaller businesses

Automation can be applied in both big and smaller business environments.

Save time by
automating your workflows

We build tools that automate your workflows and make you save time.

Make your team save time! Start your automation journey with Pay-Per-Use solutions.

Automation for small & bigger businesses. We build Pay-Per-Use automation tools with no upfront cost. Automate daily repetitive tasks and save time for you and your team.

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All your automation
under one roof.

The Automated-Now platform aims to integrate all your systems and services in just one place! A platform with a focus on automation!

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Automate repetitive daily tasks and focus on customer experience instead.

Automate hotel operations and workflows and give back time to your team to focus on customer experience.

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Automate your workflows
with no upfront investments.

Start working towards your automation goals with no upfront investments. Automation is for everyone and should be cost and time saving!

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